Gas Lighters: Innovative Lighters for Daily Usage In The Kitchen

 Many might not consider it to be a thing but gas lighters are an essential tool in the kitchen. Over the years we have seen several innovations in terms of their operations. Earlier people used matchsticks to light their stoves, which was very harmful rather than safe. That is why now we have the best gas lighter in India, specially designed for Indian stoves. 

Before looking at some of the most popular and innovative gas lighters used in a kitchen, let’s learn how a gas lighter works. When you push the piston (top part of the lighter) from outside, it generates a force on the outer spring. This action, in turn, pushes the hammer and spring assembly into the plastic casing shape and it strikes the impact pad with a generous amount of force. The impact pad then relays the collision force to the crystal, which generates a voltage. Because of the potential difference, a static spark charge is produced in the ignition, helping you light the gas. This is a generalized working mechanism of the gas lighter. 

Let’s at 5 most innovative gas lighters for daily usage in the kitchen 

Stainless Steel Gas Lighter 

If being conventional is your main criterion, then stainless steel gas lighters would be the perfect choice for your kitchen. These gas lighters work on the standard lighting mechanism and can be used on any gas stove.


Electric Gas Lighter 

The electric gas lighters utilize ARC Technology which is derived from the tesla coil. This arc lighter is long-lasting and charges easily through a USB port. The long neck of the electric gas lighter will help you keep away from the flame and operate safely in the kitchen. 

Flexible Neck Gas Lighter 

This gas lighter is an example of innovation at its best. This electric arc lighter uses advanced plasma arc technology to produce a laser-like arc to light up the stove or other things. This lighter has a long flexible neck that can be rotated 360 degrees for lighting needs. Also, it is very compact and lightweight, making it an ideal choice for daily indoor use. 

Flame gas Lighters 

Created from plastic and stainless steel, these lighters give a protected, odourless fire with their great piezoelectric start. The lighter accompanies a lock and unlock switch and a setting for a constant flow. The lighter likewise has a safety lock highlight that will protect against unintentional or clueless setbacks. 

This gas lighter features a gas volume window and a gas refill that will cause it to reuse simple. 

LED Torch Gas Lighter 

These lighters work on batteries and are designed with a LED torch. This lighter provides a non-stop flame and can be operated through a soft-press button. It is an excellent option for outdoor uses. 

These are some of the most popular lighters in the market. If you are looking for any one of those then immediately head to MM Trade Link. The company offers the best gas lighter for the kitchen.